Area Separation Wall Clips

ASW Clips Product Spec Sheet

ASW 2600 3-Hour Product Spec Sheet


ASW Clips (Standard)

ASW Clips are used with gypsum-based wall construction to attach the vertical steel framing to wood framing at each building intersection to control fire spread and minimize property damage. Heat softenable at 1000˚F, they allow the collapse of fire-side structural framing and permit adjacent structures to remain standing. ASW clips are used with H stud non-load bearing walls. They are available 2” wide with legs either 1”x 2”, 1”x 2.5”, or 2”x 2.5” at 90˚. All materials, components, and assembly made 100% in USA.  ASW Clips Product Spec Sheet (pdf)  

3-hour ASW 2600 Wall Burn Clip (Exclusive Item)

3-hr-ASWK&H Industries has developed an  ASW Clip  for the retention of the GA-600-2012, GA File No. ASW 2600 3-Hour wall system with softening and burn away characteristics when the ambient temperature reaches 1050’F.  This ASW Burn Clip provides the necessary lateral support to maintain the integrity of the wall system during the period of a 3-hour fire event. The K&H industries three hour ASW Clips is designed from a heat softenable  aluminum alloy with a reinforcing rib for added strength.  This ASW Clip measures 2” wide with leg lengths of 2” x 4.5” and being .063” thick.  Clip placement is at a maximum of 36 inches on center for the first 25 feet  of wall height, for the second 20 feet in height the K&H ASW Clips are placed at a maximum of 60 inches on center, and the additional 29 feet of vertical wall are supported at a maximum of 120 inches on center. ASW 2600 3-Hour Product Spec Sheet (pdf)

Read our press release announcing our exclusive production of the 3-hour ASW 2600 Wall Burn Clip. Tags: ASW Clips, Breakaway Clips, Burn Clips, H-Stud, H-Stud Area Separation Wall, 3-hour ASW 2600 Wall Burn Clip